Rates and Commissions


promotional-003 commission-001Here’s your chance to get a customized, classic pen-and-ink drawing from a trained hand!


Need something to spice up a special card or invitation? Want an affordable piece of art to hang up on your wall or give as a gift? Is your cubicle dirt boring? Do you want a tattoo that doesn’t look machine made (or maybe it can, I bet I can do that too)? Alex Fukui is open for commissions for the first half of 2016!

Drawn with various inks on smooth, sensual bristol paper.

Just send a line to get in line for an original drawing.

*Prices may vary based on complexity of commission. Additional shipping costs may apply. Not authorized for commercial reuse. Ken sold separately.

11×14 Inked Sketch, Single Subject

Single characters and single-subject portraits for singular people.


11×14 Inked Sketch, Deluxe Plus Edition

Up to three characters and the astounding addition of scenery, all in one fabulous sketch.


For full color commissions, please contact me for an estimate. Those are harder.



digcomish_03Whether it’s wedding invitations or websites, Alex Fukui Design strives to find the right solution for your design problems. We can create graphics for websites, flyers and business cards, logos and letter headers. See how our dedicated staff of one can make your brand shine.

Our design work is typically done on a freelance basis under negotiable rates. Please contact with a description of your project for a free estimate.

(ADDENDUM: If you are collecting work for a sweet zine or for a charity/nonprofit I am totally all about that, dude. I’ll try to make time for it if I can.)